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war in ukraine

Ukrainian farmers steal Russian tanks


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On February 25, in the village of Lyubimivka in the Kherson region, ukranians stole a tank. Why? First, the tanks and tractors of the Russian army have a lot of heavy metal. The Russian T-80 tank is made of more than 40 tons of metal and is valued at 2 million US dollars. Tempting, isn't it? Especially considering a ton of plain iron costs 300 euros in Ukraine.

The Russians abandoned their combat vehicles in the middle of the field because they did not receive fuel deliveries on time. A tank without fuel is not a tank, but just an expensive tin can.

The Russians are lacking the right logistics and supplies, so there are frequent reports of the occupiers coming to farmers with a bucket or gas can. The occupiers did not consider that the tank could be worth the price of the metal it consists of.

The farmers of the Sumy region proceeded as follows: They traveled to the position and seized the abandoned Russian equipment. They knew it could be used in two ways: It can be sold for scrap or used for land cultivation. Ukrainian farmers say that driving a tank is very similar to driving a tractor.

Petro, tractor driver, Sumy region:
“The principles of tank management are the same as those of a tractor. This is a common thing for us. The only problem is that the tank takes a lot of fuel.”

Equipment has been destroyed on the road. Near Mykolaiv, local farmers burned the Russian ‘Pantsir Missile system', which cost 15 million US dollars.

Abandoned tanks with no fuel are towed by farmers and transported back to their own farms. There, combat vehicles are either disassembled for spare parts, or sent to replenish the fleet of Territorial Defense.

The farmers say that in an ideal situation, the tank would be seized alongside a Russian fuel truck. It seems that Ukrainians have tasted success and are waiting for new equipment.

The hunt for tanks continues!

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