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Gift, Leber, Eierkopf


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Diese Karte ist aus dem Buch "100 Karten über Sprache". Dieses Buch enthält viele schöne Grafiken über die Sprache. Witzigerweise sogar mehr Grafiken als Text. Aber Sprache kann ja auch bildlich sein. Wenn du also schon immer mal wissen wolltest, dass Russland, das "Land der Ruderer" ist, oder dass Verliebte in Japan "Eierkopf" zueinander sagen, dann ist dass dein Buch!

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“Most people who I know left or are about to leave the country“

Last Thursday the KATAPULT had the chance to speak to a young woman in Russia about the situation inside the country. Originally it was planned as a video-interview. However the newest regulations in Russia which suppress the freedom of press and punish the spreading of information against the government are punishable with  a prison sentence of up to 15 years. That’s why the interview will now be published as completely anonymized text. The photos were sent by the interviewee. Her name and hometown has been verified by KATAPULT.

Russia's war against Ukraine. Russia's war against the world

This morning started with good news: No regional hub of Ukraine is occupied by the Russians. Very good news, considering the last eight days.

Today, we hired the first 15 Ukrainian journalists

14 of the 15 are women. Four are currently fleeing West. Some are in calmer regions of Ukraine, while some are in violent war zones.