"Und, hat Berlin sich gemeldet?"

"Frauen an die Macht!, kann ich da nur sagen. Über diese interessante Info bringen wir eine Meldung in unserer Augsburg Internet-Zeitung. Wir finden Ihre Infos toll und werden Euch abonnieren."

" Buchstabe Hochtorstraße 2 23730 Neustadt an der Ostsee http://www.buch.stabe.net/"

"Ich hätte drei Buchhandlungen. Da ich in FFO lebe aber MV meine Heimat ist. FFO: https://hutten-ffo.buchhandlung.de/shop/ Stralsund: "Frische Bücher" Mönchstraße, 18439 Stralsund Ba ..."

"als abonnent der ersten stunde würde ich mich beim unterstützerpopup über eine dritte klickmöglichkeit (bin bereits unterstützer zb) sehr freuen :) mfg und liebe"

"Buchhandlung El Libro in 4277 Leipzig"


"Würde mich über Bültmann und Gerriets in Oldenburg freuen https://www.bueltmann-gerriets.de/"

"Nehmt gerne unseren Münsteraner Lieblingsbuchladen auf: http://www.rosta-online.de/Willkommen.html Gruß aus Münster "

"Wo ist die Neutralität? Warum akzeptieren wir nicht, was in Belarus passiert? Warum mischen wir uns immer wieder in die Angelegenheiten anderer Länder ein? Reicht es nicht schon, die Ergebnisse ..."

"Sehr geehrter Herr Fredrich, bei aller Sympathie für Ihre Arbeit und auch für die berechtigte Kritik am Nordkurier: Wer oder was berechtigt Sie, bei der Beschreibung einer Straftat das Opfer als " ..."

"ist das ein impliziter Vorschlag, Zypern versinken zulassen?"

"Schade, fand euren Journalismus eigentlich sehr informativ und neutral. Aber mit solchen pauschalisierenden, linksextremen Parolen punktet ihr leider überhaupt nicht."

"und auf welchem platz ist katapult?"

"Seid ihr alle Männer?"

Bombings in Paris
Military Fatalities in and around Afghanistan

The Syrian Mafia

Since the beginning of 2011 there is war in Syria. The international community acts uncoordinated. Where the roots of this conflict are, explains KHALED YACOUB OWEIS

Worldmap Economy Comparison


Das ElektroAuto.

Capital and Religion

Capital and religion are mysterious - both display a number of issues caused by a lack of transparency within society. An argumentation, based on Karl Marx’ theses, by CHRISTOPH DEUTSCHMANN

Political Framing
In the beginning there was the word

Why we do not realise, what we do not expect, and how language influences and manipulates our perception. Explained by ALEXANDER ZIEM

Climate neutrality
Getting on track for the future

Responsibility for the climate is not just limited to international conferences. Organisations and cities in affluent countries have a distinct role that needs to be better understood. Take a look at ... Rafael Ziegler and Monique Wölk

Arms Race
Against America with the "Storm"

The Cold War enormously accelerated the development of missile technology. How effective the soviets started but failed in the end, explained by MATTHIAS UHL


Religion – wrongfully suspected. Social origin is the real obstacle to education. By MARCEL HELBIG

World Donations Account
What does the earth cost?

The UN will meet in New York from the 25th to the 27th September, to discuss the main humanitarian issues. How this can be practically implemented and funded, explains JOACHIM° ACKVA

Corruption: FIFA
The idea of non-profit has diminished

An association is usually non-profit. Can it maintain such a status when it repeatedly violates human rights and accepts bribes? A commentary by ELLA DAUM

Officer Training
Studying versus practical experience

Do German officers need more general education or more practical experience? Dieter H. Kollmer discusses why it is careless and possibly even dangerous to neglect the theory element and or general edu ... DIETER H. KOLLMER

G7: 2015
Missing the point

The Elmau G7 meeting strayed from its intended aim of problem solving. Wasn’t the aim of this year’s meeting to demonstrate their unity? By SARAH PODSZUCK

Seeds of violence

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Al-Qaeda and the Taliban use different policies. Nevertheless, they are all united over one ideology: jihadism. A social-scientific analysis by ANDREAS ARMBORST

The Language of Politicians
Credibility through Personal Pronouns

The best way to be perceived as untrustworthy is to do too much self-promotion. Despite this knowledge, politicians repeatedly indulge in this activity during debates. How one creates or loses credibi ... MARTHA KUHNHENN

Research on anti-Semitism
Current anti-Semitism

Scientific studies confirm a decreasing trend of anti-Semitism in Germany. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Benz explains why this doesn?t mention anything about the extent of anti-Zionism and "secondary anti-Semit ... WOLFGANG BENZ

Refugee policy
People smugglers

If borders are sealed off, refugees can only reach their destination with the help of smugglers. If Pakistan or Lebanon were to close their borders, it would have disastrous consequences. A commentary ... SEBASTIAN BLATZHEIM

Democracy of the few

When Narendra Modi was elected to be the new prime minister in May 2014, he promised a "new India". Why will this remain a meaningless promise and which role does the middle class own? Explained by ANNA MARIA REIMER