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Анна Корбут | Anya Korbut

Reporter from Kyjiw

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Provocations and deceptions of Russia in the war against Ukraine

Putin and his army are playing a dishonest game - in the field of information, and on the field of battle.

Kharkiv. Escape from the ruined city

Half of Kharkiv lies in ruins. Many who did not want to leave their hometown are leaving now. Houses have been destroyed, constant explosions have shaken people’s nerves, and even in silence, it is difficult to fall asleep.

Volunteers are the reliable backbone of the Ukrainian front

Ukrainians have learned to quickly organize themselves into mutual aid groups and build connections since Maydan in 2014. Tasks are solved at the local level: to feed 200 fighters, to buy medicines for the hospital, to secure the windows of a public building and others.

7-й день войны

7 дней 13 часов и 14 минут войны в Украине. Мы сильны, намного сильнее, чем ожидал агрессор. Но начиная с утреннего обстрела неделю назад, жизнь превратилась в кошмар.

And on the 7-th day

8 days 18 hours and 19 minutes are continuing war in Ukraine. We are strong, much stronger than the aggressor expected. But in any case, since the morning of shelling almost a week ago, my life has turned into a nightmare.